Most people refer to this problem as “low water pressure”. This very common problem can be caused
by a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is old galvanized water piping throughout
your house or an old galvanized or lead water service entering your home from the city supply. If you
are seeing water that is sort of brown or rust colored, seeing pipes that are corroded, or noticing drain
pipes that are leaking, it might be time to re-pipe.

We offer complete piping services, from installation to replacement to any repairs in between. We can
also show up quickly for an emergency repair for a burst pipe or any other pressing plumbing issue.
It is time to have your pipes replaced if: Your water pressure is constantly low; You notice rusty colored
water; Your pipes frequently leak; Your home’s plumbing is more than 20 years old; Your home is
equipped with polybutylene pipes.

Whether you need piping or re-piping services our company can find a solution that perfectly meets the
needs of your home.

We can provide you with what you need for a great price. Our experienced plumbers only used the
finest tools and materials when performing any service, so you can count on a top-notch plumbing
system that lasts for years to come. We will accurately locate the source of your piping problem and
work to resolve it promptly and courteously. After spending years helping customers in the community
with their plumbing problems, we know what it takes to resolve these often complicated issues. Using
state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and our in-depth knowledge, there is virtually no problem that we
can’t solve.

  • copper re-pipe

Copper Re-piping sometimes called re-pipe or re-plumb. If your home was built more than five years
ago, you could have corroded galvanized pipes which will continue to deteriorate and drain your bank
account. So it is a complete replacement of the water distribution system in a home.
We have re-pipe specialists who are ready to begin working right away in a residential or commercial
property. Our plumbing company knows that a copper re-pipe is required right away so that a customer
has clean and safe water. We have access to the highest quality plumbing materials so that we can use
the same types of pipes and connectors throughout a house or building. Because not all copper pipes
are created equally. Using high quality materials this is the only way we can guarantee our work for life.
Since all we do are re-pipes, you get the highest quality materials and technical expertise for a fraction
of what you would pay a plumber or contractor. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our
work and we will do whatever is needed to make you confident as well.

  • copper pipe repair

If the problem is bigger than you can handle it’s best to call to our company and our specialists will not
only save you time but also money from expensive mistakes. We have the technology as well as decades
of experience to efficiently rehabilitate your leaking copper pipes. We do not just provide temporary
solutions. Instead, we fix piping systems from the inside out, ensuring many years of problem-free use.
We do not just fix leaks but also prevent them from happening again.
your pipes will be thoroughly cleaned and then coated with our epoxy pipe lining making them better
than new. This pull-in-place pipe renewal repairs pin leaks, and even missing pipe.
Unlike copper pipes that only last about 3 to 12 years without getting a leak, in many cases epoxy re-
piping has a warranty of over 80 years. When you need a reliable plumber to fix a major pipe disaster in
the middle of the night, give us a call.

  • Benefits of copper pipe installation

Copper piping is naturally antimicrobial and thus cannot support the growth of bacteria, fungi or viruses.
Copper piping is durable and flexible, making it easy to install. It offers several other advantages as well.
Copper piping resists corrosion and can be used in outdoor applications. It is also weather-resistant and
safer in natural disasters than other types of piping. But copper piping is more expensive than PEX or
PVC piping, because copper is a precious metal. Furthermore, copper is resistant to burning and will not
release toxic gases in a fire. Copper pipes are slightly elastic, making them ideal for earthquakes because
they don’t snap. Copper piping is also recyclable, making it a more sound environmental choice.
Installing copper pipes in your home makes your plumbing system more efficient. Copper is a good
conductor of heat, and as such, your hot water lines remain hot, and your shower heads and faucets can
deliver even hotter showers. There are two types of copper piping used in the plumbing industry, Type
“L” and type “M.” Of the two, type “L” is thicker and more resilient, and your best choice for longevity
and quality.

  • PEX repair

Developed in the 1960s, PEX has been used in Europe for decades but was only introduced to the U.S. in
the 1980s. Since the 1980s, many plumbers and water systems managers have chosen to use cross-
linked polyethylene (PEX) piping to provide water throughout homes and properties. PEX tubing has
largely replaced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping as one of the most popular tools of the trade thanks to
its superior durability and versatility. We were one of the best plumbing companies to embrace the
many uses of PEX piping and offer our services for maintenance and problem solving specially for
plumbing systems of this sort. We can help you update your system by repairing your existing PEX
system or installing a new one. Our plumbers are friendly, professional, reliable and always get the job
done right. We are highly trained, and have experience with all types of pipe repair.

  • Benefits of PEX Pipe installation

PEX is less expensive than copper and doesn’t transfer heat as readily, therefore conserving energy. The
manufacturer also provides a 15-25 year guarantee!
PEX piping is both durable and flexible (and quieter) than other pipe materials.
PEX piping works well in hard to access areas and curves easily, leaving fewer areas for potential leaks.
Copper piping requires joints to go around curves. PEX is very flexible, which allows for a faster
installation. Also, it will minimize excavation to your property, as less access points will need to be dug in
order to put it in. It is impossible for water, acid, or chemicals to corrode PEX piping. Colder weather can
be highly destructive to certain types of pipes, as water in the pipes will freeze putting intense pressure
on the system. PEX pipes can expand up to three times their normal size. Whether you’re considering
PEX or copper piping for your next home project, we are your source for professional piping installation.

  • Frozen pipes

If your water pipes frozen from the extreme cold temperatures you should call us and we will fix it all!
If your pipes are not properly insulated and covered, the frozen water can create major pressure and
ultimately lead to cracks, leaks, or bursts. We’ll act quickly to diagnose the problem and thaw your pipes
before they burst, preventing thousands of dollars in water damage!
We have the experience to identify the source of your frozen pipe, limit further damage, fix the problem
area and insulate the pipe to prevent future problems. Water sprinkler lines, outdoor hoses, plumbing in
unheated interiors, such as in the basement, garage, etc., outdoor pipes with no insulation are the most
vulnerable to freezing. If you have frozen pipes first of all you will need to shut off the water main
leading into the structure to reduce pressure on frozen pipes and minimize flooding if the pipes burst.
Then use a hair dryer to thaw the ice blockage if the frozen pipe is exposed and visible.
If frozen pipes are not visible call Express plumbing and we will help you! If you notice slower water flow
and expect frozen pipes, you should call to our plumber immediately. Typically, issues like this can be
resolved before any damage occurs.